Terms and conditions

Data of the service provider

Company owner: Czegle László Népi Iparművész e.v.
Company registry number:
Tax number: 56215045-1-25
Statistic number: 58215045162923105
Address: 3930 Erdőbénye Mátyás K. 42. Magyarország.
E-mail address: info@famindenit.com
Main areas of activity: 162903, 932901, 932902, 932101

Officially registered by: Bodrogkisfaludi Közös Önkormányzati Hivatal Erdőbényei Jegyzője 3932 Erdőbénye Kossuth u. 31.

Dear Reader!

Below you will find the terms and conditions that serve as the base for orders and purchases on the internet. I will provide details of purchase or order. This regulation serves the interests of the customer and must be made available to the person ordering or making the purchase on every occasion.

Please allow me to say first that I guarantee that I will continue to refund my products – even without you having to provide a reason. Even if you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased or it does not work properly for which it was made. If you do not use the product the way it is supposed to be used and thus it becomes unsuitable for its original purpose, then I will not give a refund. If what I have written thus far is not enough, then please study the detailed “Terms and conditions” that follow. If you have any questions about the subject or my products, please write to the address above or write me an email.

Best regards
László Czegle, craftsman and folk artist

Terms and Conditions

1. All of the products offered on www.famindenit.com website are handmade and unique. These are illustrations so the actual product may vary slightly in some respects.

2. In person: The customer comes to our workshop in person or to an event or festival where we are where they can choose the product they or their client would like to buy. They can then ask for information about the product and then the sale price is exchanged in cash (in Hungarian forints) on the spot to László Czegle or his representative (vendor). Then the receipt which is received (or cash invoice) that is in accordance with all current legal requirements (that can be seen on the respective NAV forum) should be put away. The buyer should ask for the appropriate packaging and should ensure that the product purchased is without fault.

3. Below is information about internet order and purchase.

  1. You may reach László Czegle’s website through any search engine. The address is www.famindenit.com. On this website you will find a virtual representation of all the products offered for sale by László Czegle, along with some information and, in some cases, audio or video material. The price given is always in Hungarian forints (VAT exempt).
  2. Registration is not required for purchase or ordering of products. You can place your order and give posting information using the contacts given in the Contact menu point. So you can choose the desired products and quantity, as well as any other requirements.
  3. We cannot fulfil orders that are not given correctly.
  4. Product(s) must be paid for when ordering online. There are two ways.

1. Pay the courier on receipt of the products – for deliveries in Hungary.
2. By bank transfer to the given account number ( Zemplén Takarékszövetkezet Erdőbénye 55500067-12000416). In all cases the packaging and posting/delivery costs must be added to the price to be paid. In 2013 2 200 HUF for courier delivery within Hungary and 2000 HUF for purchase by bank transfer. For other destinations please contact me to get a quote.

e/ To enable smooth delivery, in the case of courier service a mobile number of the customer or their representative must also be given so the courier can speak with the customer or their representative. If no one picks up the phone and thus the product(s) cannot be delivered, then naturally the redelivery costs must also be paid by the customer. The delivery and packaging costs must also be paid if the customer does not take delivery of the product(s) ordered because this is an integral part of the transaction (online purchase).

4. The “right of withdrawal”:
If the customer changes their mind after ordering or purchase online, then they have the right of withdrawal, but this desire must be indicated within 8 working days in a letter to the address given, by email or by telephone. Following this the customer may return the product(s) to the seller at their own expense. At the same time as registering the right of withdrawal, an agreement must be made as to how and where the price paid should be returned to the customer using their right of withdrawal (customer).
We WILL NOT TAKE delivery of packages that are sent without postage / delivery paid.
The customer is naturally responsible for faults that result from misuse of the product. In all these cases common sense is the guideline. (Extreme examples: the product was used according to its use but it was dropped and was damaged or broken; it was used according to its use but a child painted it with red paint etc.).

a/ The right of withdrawal does not apply in the case of individually prepared orders. Unique writing, decoration and similar obviously mean that the product cannot be resold.

5. In all cases the gross price is given without delivery costs (VAT exempt).

6. Processing of orders will be carried out within 5 working days of the order being placed. The Customer will receive notice by telephone or email. They will also be informed about the expected time of delivery. Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm. On request other times can also be given.

7. We reserve the right to withdraw orders that have already been confirmed. In such cases we will immediately organise the refund of any money already paid.

9. Home delivery: On request we will deliver the product(s) ordered to the customer’s home. The delivery costs may change according to the courier costs. Guideline prices for 2013: 1900 HUF for goods paid for by bank transfer; 2200 HUF for goods paid on delivery. Delivery is free if the product(s) ordered are over 50 000 HUF. Given that the delivery occurs during working hours an address should be given where the customer or their representative can receive the product(s) e.g. work address. If the delivery of the product(s) is not possible due to the fault of the customer, then the courier fee must be paid by the customer, as well as the subsequent delivery fee.