Rent the wooden carousel

I propose a business solution so you can use the carousel at festivals and events.

The carousel

I designed and created this traditional carousel which has willow baskets and is driven by hand. The carousel satisifies the strictest safety requirements, as is supported by the TÜV-Stüd safety permit that is valid throughout Europe.


I can provide polite staff that are qualified and trained.

Why is it good for you?

  •  Its uniqueness continually assures a refreshing sight, and it provides an unforgettable experience for the very youngest.
  • It is a spectacular sight particularly for those festivals and events that are based on our traditions and customs. It is unknown to most foreign tourists visiting Hungary, though some have seen something similar.
  • It can be a constant programme from morning till night, also for events that run for several days.
  • It can be included as a free option so as to make the event more attractive to families with young children.

 What I offer in exchange for the rental fee

  • 9 hours operation a day (with one hour for lunch) that can be flexibly arranged according to the opening hours of the event.
  • The time for the carousel is 3 minutes, maximum weight per basket is 30 kg.
  • Where requested the external appearance of the carousel can be changed with decorations and hanging elements. At Christmas time it has a red canvas cover and pine decoration.
  • For use after dark we can arrange reliable and safe lightning appropriate to the atmosphere desired.

I recommend you site the carousel next to the children’s programmes. A flat area, preferably on grass, with a diameter of 5-6 m is necessary.
Before building, we recommend visiting the site to agree on the place.


1 day
60 000,- HUF/day + 50 Ft/km delivery cost

2-15 days
60 000,- HUF/day – 20% + 50 Ft/km delivery cost

over 15 days
60 000,- HUF/day – 40% no delivery cost

The prices are gross, without tax and do not include VAT.

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